a.jpgSizing and Fit Guidelines for Power Grabs

Power Grabs sizing is based on 2 measurements:

How to determine your wrist circumference and length of hand size measurements:




Power Grabs Sizing Chart

Size                Wrist Circumference Size          Length of Hand Size

Small                            5.75 - 6.50 inches                         up to 7 inches long

Medium                         6.25 - 7.50 inches                         up to 7 inches long

Large                             7 - 9.75 inches                   7 inches up to 8.15 inches long

X Large                          7 - 9.75 inches                         7.75 inches and longer


NOTE: In length of hand measurement size, both size large and size x large will function and perform about the same as there is overlap in the sizing of both these in how the palm pad will fit. It is always better to have the palm pad length a little longer than too short.


Additional Fit Tip Guidelines


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