Payment Information 



Currency Payment Information

Customers will be invoiced and their payment processed in the following currency based on their selection for Ship to Destination:


Payment Safety & Security

You can safely enter your entire card number information through the secure PayPal system when authorizing payments of PayPal invoices for purchases of products on our websites.

Failed Authorizations and Payment Declines

To protect your security and privacy, your bank cannot provide Raw Power Fitness Gear with information about why a payment was declined. You will need to contact your bank directly to resolve these type of payment issues.



Prices for all products and services are shown in either $CAD for Canadian customers, or $USD for United States and International customers located outside of Canada, and are determined based on the Ship to Location chosen by customers when they first land on our website homepage.


Delivery Times

Delivery time may take from 2 to 10 business days in North America depending on what shipping method you choose and what region of the country we are shipping to. Delivery times to International ship to locations outside of North America will depend on the chosen shipping method and region of the world where the order is being shipped. If you require more exact timing information as relates to delivery to your ship to destination, please email us with your request and we are happy to follow up with that information.