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October 2015

Check out newly updated Power Grabs video on You Tube, and other social media as well as this site and

July 2015

Raw Power will be adding new lines of sport medicine products, fun and fit sport recreational products, and more new training accessories in the coming months.

June 2014

Raw Power expands with the addition of the IBF - Iron Body Fitness brand of products to its online web store. IBF products include Boxing and MMA Equipment as well as a selection of  lifting Straps / lifting Hooks, and a variety of exercise accessories.

February 2014

Raw Power adds the GoFit brand  to its expanding online web store selection of fitness products. 

GoFit offers a wide range of home fitness products designed for the individual that targets core training, weight resistance and sports performance. These include exercise balls, resistance tubing and bands, skip ropes, fitness mats, fitness accessories, massage rollers, ankle weights, exercise gloves, contour handle kettlebells, crossfit training gear and many other fitness items to assist in your training. 

September 2013

Raw Power launches its new line of T Shirts and Clothing Apparel. 

The "Can You Feel It" and " Unleashed" T Shirts are the first designs in a series of theme shirts to be added to our clothing line. These will be followed up by other unique designer logo's and fashion trending garments, in a selection of shirts and tops for men and women.



Events and Shows 

Toronto Pro Super Fitness Show - Metro Convention Centre in Toronto, Canada

Fitness, Crossfit, MMA, Kickboxing, Boxing, Bodybuilding, Powerlifting, Strongmen, and all types of sports enthusiasts come by the thousands to this event, growing in popularity every year.

RAW POWER is energized and charged by the fantastic support shown by attendees at this show looking to purchase our quality name brands of equipment, accessories, fitness gear and clothing. 

Visit for more information about this annual fitness event.  


FIBO Fitness Expo - Cologne, Germany

RAW POWER will be at FIBO along with over 100,000 fitness enthusiasts and trade attendees from all across Europe and around the world. 

The FIBO show is the largest of its kind and has something for everyone that enjoys an active and fit lifestyle.

Visit for more information about the show.


Arnold Schwarzenegger Sports Festival Show and Fitness Expo - Columbus, Ohio

Fitness, Bodybuilding, Crossfit, MMA, and all types of sports enthusiasts come by the thousands to the Arnold Sports Festival. This is the largest consumer fitness show of its kind in North America.

RAW POWER will be back energized and charged up by the tremendous support shown by our American customers looking to purchase our our own RPF and Power Grab brands, as well as many other name brands of accessories and fitness gear. 

Visit for more information about the show.



Check back often for more News and Updates on Future Events.


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