GoFit Fitness Accessories


GoFit has been a leader since 1999 in fitness manufacturing and has developed a line of innovative exercise products with world class educational content. GoFit offers a wide range of fitness products designed for the individual with specific product instructional materials that will empower and inspire, whether your fitness preferences are core training, weight resistance, or sports performance. 

GoFit gear is sold worldwide and have helped thousands of fitness enthusiasts to feel better and lead healthier and more productive lives. 






GoFit Speed Jump Rope
Model GF-SR
Price: (N/A)/each
Color: Black
Size: One Size Fits All

The Speed Rope is an excellent way to utilize one of the most efficient methods of cardio training. The 9 foot solid PVC rope combined with the precision ball bearings movement provides maximum rotation. The padded foam grips help fight hand and arm fatigue so you can reach your target heart rate quicker and maintain your pace more comfortably.

Jumping rope is one of the most efficient methods of cardio training. Jumping rope for 10 minutes at a moderate pace is the equivalent to running one mile in 12 minutes, cycling 2 miles in six minutes, swimming a quarter mile in 12 minutes, two sets of tennis or playing an 18-hole golf course.

GoFit Weighted Jump Rope
Model GF-WR
Price: (N/A)/each
Color: Black
Size: One Size Fits All

When working out with this GoFit Weighted Jump Rope, the 1/2 lb weights in each of the handles will help you develop the muscles in your wrists and forearms. It will also provide you with a great cardio workout. The Weighted Rope is a 9 foot solid PVC rope, with removable weights in each of the foam padded handles.

Jumping rope is one of the most efficient methods of cardio training. Jumping rope for 10 minutes at a moderate pace is the equivalent to running one mile in 12 minutes, cycling 2 miles in six minutes, swimming a quarter mile in 12 minutes, two sets of tennis or playing an 18-hole golf course.


GoFit Pro Cable Jump Rope
Model GF-PCR9
Price: (N/A)/each
Color: Red
Size: One Size Fits All

This commercial grade, coated steel cable rope is a compact training tool. Great for MMA training, cross training, or improving overall fitness level. The raquet tape handles provide a superior grip and steel cable provides incredible and maximum results.

GoFit Pro Gym Extreme
Price: (N/A)/each
Color: Black - Assorted
Size: One Size Fits All

Developed and designed with the max-trainer in mind, the ProGym Extreme comes with 5 resistance tubes that allow 15 weight combinations up to 75lbs of resistance. 

Includes: Exercise manual with carry bag, and 5 premium rubber resistance tubes (red - 5lb, blue - 10lb, green - 15lb, black - 20lb, orange - 25lb) with extra thick nylon webbing and reinforced stitching and heavy duty metal connecting rings, 2 professional grade handles with easy grip rubber with heavy caliber, lock in carabineer connectors, 2 extra wide door anchors with thick nylon webbing, 2 reinforced and padded ankle straps


GoFit Fit Mat
Price: (N/A)/each
Color: Gray
Size: One Size Fits All

The Fit Mat is a must for floor exercises and basic stretches, and also protects your bodies pressure points from direct contact with a hard floor. The Fit Mat provides a cushion for an optimal workout and protects against painful "rug burn " from exercising on even the softest carpet. When doing simple calisthenics, planks or pilates, the Fit Mat gives you the cushion you need while providing grip and control for an effective, safe workout. 

Made with a lightweight and comfortable 3/8” thick closed cell foam that is durable and resists breaking down over time. Comes with an attached carry strap so you can easily roll-and-go to a workout anywhere you want. The neutral charcoal-gray color is practical for keeping clean and resists moisture for enhanced gripping and can be easily cleaned with mild soap and water. 

Size Dimensions: 24 inches wide by 72 inches long with a rolled up diameter of 6 - 1/4 inches 

GoFit Massage Roller
Model GF-FR6
Price: (N/A)/each
Color: Green
Size: 18 inches long x 6 inch diameter

Flexibility, core strength and recovery are vital to any training program. Target-point therapy or self massage is a great way to increase flexibility and speed up post-workout recovery.

The Massage Roller is a great tool to address tired muscles, pre-workout and to help knead aching muscles, post-workout. Included is the GoFit post-workout recovery routine and training manual. Rejuvenate and strengthen your body with the GoFit roller.

Made of dense, closed-cell foam offering a soft-touch, and rigid core to provide firm, long-lasting support. The varied pattern gives you a deep tissue massage with a comfortable foam texture. The massage roller's open-ended design allows for a variety of core strength exercises as well as massage applications.


GoFit Wobble Balance Board
Price: (N/A)/each
Color: Black
Size: One Size Fits All

The wobble board is an excellent way to build core strength and increase balance and stability. Adjust the height of the board to increase the degree of difficulty. The board comes with a training manual to provide a variety of challenging exercises.

Made of premium laminated hardwood, the highly-portable wobbleboard has a durable, slip-resistant surface that's easy-to-clean. The high-impact polyurethane base is fully adjustable up to 4 inches.

Increase the level of difficulty as your ability improves. The higher the board, the greater the difficulty in balance and stability.

Size Dimensions: 15½ inches diameter x 3 inches height -  adjustable to 4 inches in height

Please request a cost of shipping quote on order form for this product 


  • Legs and Glutes 

  • Abdominals and Core Muscles

  • Cardiovascular and Balance

GoFit Elevated Chin Up Station
Model GF-ECS
Price: (N/A)/each
Color: Red - Black
Size: One Size Fits All

The multi - use Elevated Chin Up Station is a patent-pending design which elevates you above the door frame giving more clearance and promotes a full range of motion for a better workout. Easily mounts and fits most standard-sized doorways 32" to 34" with no screws, by using leverage and gravity. It may be removed quickly and easily at any time with no tools. Ab Strap eyebolts are included and are easy to install for use with hanging abdominal straps to train and isolate extra abdominal and oblique training.

Can be used for chin ups and pull ups in several hand positions at 2 elevations, as well as sit ups, pushups and dips when mounted low or placed on the floor. 

Constructed and built to last with strong molded steel and the unit has 3 foam hand grip locations and padded tubing where the unit contacts with the door frame. A solid and secured door frame is required for proper installation. Includes workout manual, parts and assembly instructions. Weight limit for this product is 300 lbs.


GoFit Gravity Straps Exercise System
Model GF-GS
Price: (N/A)/each
Color: Black
Size: One Size Fits All

Gravity Straps harness your body weight, making it all the resistance you need for a variety of total-body exercises. This fitness tool installs in your doorway in seconds with no hardware and offers an effective workout that's convenient to use at home or when traveling. 


• 2 Gravity Straps with Door Anchors
• 2 Handles and 2 Ankle Cradles
• Mesh Travel Bag and Training Manual
• Weight Limit for this Product is 300 lbs


Why are the Gravity Straps so effective for conditioning?

There are 3 simple and effective ways to change the level of the Gravity Straps resistance, making it the perfect tool for any level of fitness enthusiast. Build strength, increase your balance and gain core stability.

1. Changing the Angle
2. Changing the Starting Point
3. Changing the Foundation

Changing the Angle / Starting Point / Foundation

Because the Gravity Straps enable one to use their own body weight as the resistance, the work load can either be increased or decreased simply by changing the angle, in which they are working.

Changing the angle in which you are exercising will change your overall resistance level (i.e., increasing or decreasing the percentage of one’s body weight used as resistance).

By changing the starting point or relation to the Gravity Straps it is easy to quickly change the workload resistance. Because of gravity’s natural tendency to pull things straight down, this principle holds true with the Gravity Straps as well.

By changing your Center of Gravity you can either increase or decrease the resistance as. Feet out wide give a much better base or foundation, whereas having one foot off the ground will challenge your center of gravity even more so, by creating even greater instability.