Top Squat Training Device


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Top Squat device can be used on free weight bars and smith machine bars and is designed for all levels of fitness training. It makes squatting possible for those with shoulder problems and an inability to externally rotate the arm. 

 Simply center the device on your bar, press into place and secure to the bar with the nylon and velcro safety straps provided. Within a few sets you will the  Top Squat helps builds strong legs while protecting the shoulders and back. Sqatting the conventional way with arms placed back behind the bar puts a tremendous amount of stress on the shoulder region. Top Squat minimizes the chances of you injuring your rotation cuff. 

"All of my athletes found Top Squat easy to use and comfortable, even while using weights in excess of 400 pounds. The handles provide control of the bar and for those with shoulder problems, the Top Squat is an extremely useful piece of equipment to train with." Dr. Ken Leistner


  • Stand close to the bar and grasp the handles near the curve and duck under the bar as is the normal approach. Maneuver yourself into feet position, body erectness, shoulder-trap placement, etc., and unrack the bar already loaded with the desired weight. The handles in a 45 degree downward position are just right for comfort and the functional upward rotation.
  • Once in a balanced and solid position, move the handles up and down to become familiar with their range. As you raise the handles (parallel to the floor or above) the bar will follow the Top Squat's rotation and position the bar backward for ultimate squatting performance. Erectness of the back can be determined by the raising or lowering of the handles. The action of the squat remains true. It is not altered unless you choose to, for lower back safety, maximum thigh power, or improved thigh recruitment.


Top Squat Testimonials

" tightness in my back - a lot more quad involvement; I go futher down and I feel like I have better control." Lon Baldridge, Physical Therapist / "I can keep my balance very well as I just raise the handles as I go down. I have not been able to squat for years and I love the Top Squat.. Wow." George Boedecker / "Wow! It's everything I'd hope it would be and aside from providing relief to aging shoulders and cuff irritations, it acts as a lever to control movement - with attention and mindfulness." Ken O'Neill

"Totally comfortable. It didn't even feel like there was a bar on my back. Squatting was as easy as pie. Nothing to it. No balance problems at all. No pain in my shoulders, back, neck or anywhere. Unbelievable." Karen Orsi / "Did real squats yesterday for the first time in a long spell, and no shoulder interaction at all." Will Taylor / "Wow! This thing is great! The Top Squat lets me get deeper in the hole than I've been able to in a long time. I'm very happy with the product. I think it will be a real winner." Casey Seebon