Boa Grip Weight Bar Collars - World's Original Collar with Snake Like Grip

  • Secure your plates with super squeeze Boa Grip Collars
  • Designed for superior function and performance
  • Manufactured with non-slip super secure grip materials
  • Will not jam and will not damage your bar
  • The tigher you pull, the tighter the collar grips the bar
  • Easy on / Easy off functional use for anyone
  • Virtually indestructable
  • Universally sized to fit all Olympic Bars
  • Designed, Engineered and Tested by Raw Power
  • College & University Tested
  • Endorsed by Strength and Conditioning Coaches                                                               

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Boa Grip Olympic 1 Bar Collars
Model ATBCO1-04
Price: (N/A)/pair
Color: Black
Size: One Size Fits All Olympic Bars

Olympic 1 Heavy Duty Model - Fits all Olympic Bars

World's 1st bar collars of their kind, designed, engineered, and tested by Raw Power.

Easy on / easy off function and adjustment. Simply slide the collar on the bar and fasten tight with a genuine Velcro® hook and loop closure and tension adjusting cinch ring.

Boa Grip collars are a super squeeze, tight gripping bar collar that will not loosen or slide. Virtually indestructible, will not jam and will not damage your bar and are universally sized to fit all makes and models of bars.

Olympic 1 model collars are made with a special 2.5 inch wide engineered non slip gripping material that will secure your plates on any Olympic bar.