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Our mission is to provide customers worldwide with a large selection and variety of quality fitness and exercise products engineered and designed to assist in their training, improve sports performance, and enhance all athletic and recreational activities. Raw Power is committed to pursuing excellence and the continuous improvement in the products we supply, brands we sell, and services we provide. We are here to help and assist you with all training gear, exercise and fitness equipment needs.


We have a passion for fitness and health and our company offers brand name exercise equipment, accessories,  boxing and MMA equipment, as well as all types of fitness, sports performance, and crossfit training gear. The Raw Power team has over 35 years combined active participation in various athletics, individual and competitive team sports, and hours and hours of intense level training in the gym building and conditioning our own bodies. 

We have distinguished ourselves for having the experience and knowledge to create, design, test, and sell all things fitness with a range of products that provides consumers and fitness enthusiasts with a significant edge to improving their performance and maximizing their training efforts.

We have invested countless hours researching and sourcing quality made products to ensure our suppliers and factories manufacture to the highest standards of quality and workmanship. For all our efforts we are recognized for our attention to detail, and why fitness consumers worldwide have chosen to work out on a day to day basis with products sold and distributed by Raw Power.

Our product lines include recognizable brands and some of our own proprietary inventions like Power Grabs. We are a customer oriented company that appreciates and respects feedback from all our customers, including the competitive athletes and fitness enthusiasts that choose to train with the brands we sell.

Since the 1990's and while operating in Ontario, Canada, we have grown into a market leader, supplying consumers worldwide with a large assortment of very functional and unique products. Our focus continues to be dedicated to the supply of new and innovative products to the fitness market.

We value all of our customer's support and appreciate your business.


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